About the Trilogy

The Bard was started as a fun NaNo banter amongst some people to see how many words I could get for the NaNo of 2014.  While I made it to around the 35K mark (which to ME I thought was pretty damn impressive!) I did not reach the 50K goal. I DID, however, have so much passion into what I was writing, that I did not stop–and thus, the first of the trilogy was born.

I immediately had ideas for a prequel and a sequel.  In fact, there are so many ideas bouncing around in this wacky head of mine that I have a hard time spewing them all onto paper fast enough!  (For the record, I use a combination of hand-writing in a spiral and the yWriter 5 software program. I can’t do without either.  If you haven’t checked out yWriter, it is AMAZING.  No, I do not receive any kickback. It is simply a kick-ass program.)

I have always had a fascination with the Renaissance time period, and yes–even have my own costume to wear to our local Ren Faire.  Being a musician who is married to an artist, I have always had a passion for the arts, and the Renaissance is the birth of its flourishing.  (Not to mention there is just this air of romance associated with it, tho if you study the actual history, I’m not quite sure it’s as romantic as Hollywood makes it out to be. One can dream, tho, no?)

Each of the books in the trilogy will have its own dedicated page, and hopefully some “extra” creative content as well coming in the future.

I hope you fall in love with my characters as much as I did writing them into existance.

Ren Faire 2010


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