Bedore’s Bookshelf

This page is dedicated to some pretty amazing authors.  I am proud to have them (well, their books, anyhow) on my bookshelf, and they are all worth reading multiple times.  If you’re looking for something new, check them out!

Romance: Nicole Leiren

Mystery: Rick Polad

YA Fiction/Paranormal: G.P. Ching



I first met Rick Polad at the University of Aurora when I was getting “yet another endorsement” as cuts to the band/music program in my school district were happening.  Rick was not only an amazing teacher, but fellow trumpet player, and convinced me to join the COD Jazz Band.  I can’t thank him enough for leading me to some amazing experiences.

And then…he tells me he is “dabbling” in novel-writing. I thought, “How cool is that?” and when his first novel of The Spencer Manning Mysteries arrived, I was hooked.  I love mysteries, but many are so…serious.  The combination of mystery and light-heartedness in Rick’s writing style was quite refreshing and kept me wanting more, and I was quite excited that a few more adventures were in the works.  Spencer Manning is most definitely a character worth knowing, and one that seems real–I felt like I knew him personally. With any luck, I will get to read even more of his adventures.

Visit Rick Polad’s webiste
Twitter: @RickPolad


Nicole is truly a fun person to be around, and it shows in her writing. I love romance stories that have a great plot to them–not just steam–and her books kept me interested the entire time with characters that are also fun to get to know as they come to life with real-life scenarios. These romances could actually be possible, and I think that’s what draws me to them the most. So if you’re a romance fan, be sure to add these to your list!

Visit Nicole Leiren’s website
Twitter: @NicoleLeiren


If you like YA Fiction with a paranormal twist, you will love The Soulkeepers Series.  When some seemingly normal teens find out that they are key players in defending humanity in the war between heaven and hell, their lives are completely turned upside-down.  The characters are extremely well-written and the adventure always kept me wanting to know what’s next.  Each character gets their moment to shine, and the different point of views in the series helps to keep it fresh and intriguing.

Her other series, Grounded, Wager’s Price, and a myriad of other books I have not read yet, but they are on my TBR list.  This series has more of a sci-fi twist, where some have found themselves part of “a government experiment gone awry.”

As a teen, I would have eaten these series up; teaching teens, they are eating these series up; and as an adult, all I want to do is go back and be a teen, insert myself into these stories, and become a part of that world.

Not only is G.P. Ching an incredible author, but an amazing person, and I cannot thank her enough for all of her help and insight into the incredible world of “authoring.”

Visit G.P. Ching’s website
Twitter: @GPChing




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